Our Naturopath has put together programs that are INFORMATIVE, FUN and MOST IMPORTANTLY – adjusted to suit YOU




Do you want to look and feel fantastic?!

You will receive nutritional education as well as advice and support around reasons why you may not be feeling the best you can be from our Naturopath Alisa PLUS – you also get the support from an exercise Guru!

In this program, Alisa is combining forces with Ferdi Dolan (PT) and Kama Pearce (Exercise Physiotherapist) to provide you with all round support and advice to get you feel fitter and fantastic – you’ll have your very own cheer leaders supporting all the way with your very own TAILOR-MADE program that best suits YOU.

Focus on health, not the scales!






  • Have you over-indulged and are now feeling sluggish?
  • Do you have digestive problems?
  • Are you feeling tired and unhealthy?
  • Having trouble difficulty thinking clearly?
  • Do you have skin problems?
  • Does your breath smell bad?

Our KickStarter Program is a fantastic opportunity for you to get back on track.

Over a manageable 14 day time frame you can turn your focus back onto yourself nourishing your body with delicious food and empowering yourself with tips on how you can incorporate healthier habits into your lifestyle routine. 



“Our belief at Cairns Complementary Health is that health is individual – which is why we focus on providing individualized programs to help our clients become happier, healthier versions of themselves.”

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