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Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary Medicine), Advance Diplomas in Naturopathy, Western Herbal Medicine and Nutritional Medicine

Alisa has been passionately practising as a Naturopath for six years now. She relocated to Cairns for her hubby’s work, having moved from the Albury-Wodonga area, and is loving the community and lifestyle here in Cairns!

She opened Cairns Complementary Health straight off the bat after moving to the area with the intention of creating a multidisciplinary wellness centre that offers a range of different health services all in one location. 

Throughout her time practising in Albury  she supported a lot of clients who were suffering from various forms of gut issues, from IBS to bloating and food intolerances through to chronic constipation. 

Her other areas of focus include addressing hormonal imbalances, fatigue and stress as well as getting people sleeping properly again. 

Alisa comes from a pharmacy background, which lead her to be more scientifically-based throughout her studies and how she approaches her treatment plans for her clients and this is what lead her to further her education and complete a Bachelor of Health Science. 

She doesn’t shy away from requesting further testing if she feels that it’s necessary so she can accurately prescribe. She ideally likes to include the client’s General Practitioners in this process as she feels that the client can get the best health results if the have a team of practitioners looking after them, however she can organise pathology herself. 

Alisa only prescribes practitioner-only products, as these products and their ingredients have been thoroughly researched and tested and are dispensed at therapeutic dosages.

Her passion is Health Education and she always looks towards dietary and lifestyle changes that people can incorporate into their lives to achieve long-lasting health goals. While she likes to focus on making these changes to help longer-term, she also uses herbal and nutritional supplementation when necessary to help give the body a kick in the right direction to get people feeling better, quicker.

She is available in the clinic located at 165 Lake Street Cairns and she also offers Online Consultations to those who are too time poor to travel into the clinic or to those who don’t live in the area, but who still want to benefit from evidence-based natural therapies. 

“My goal is to provide support and advice to help people feel better within themselves – I’m here to help YOU!”
Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

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